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Brigid's Cross


For 25 years and counting, Paul Baker and Peggy Goonan-Baker have brought an eclectic and entertaining collection of music to the stage. Formed in 1996, Brigid's Cross has played it all: true-to-heritage traditional Celtic folk, contemporary Irish music, country, rock, alternative, and originals. Truly eclectic music, with a Celtic twist! Audiences are pulled into a vortex of fine musicianship, humor, high energy and audience participation when they see a BC performance. Currently, Brigid's Cross mostly performs as a two piece, and has for the last 12 years or so. Paul (Paulie) is the Master of Ceremonies, and a master violinist, to boot. He has been performing in bands for over 40 years, and as a soloist since he was a young child, and his talent and experience certainly shine. Peggy and Paulie are both strong singers, and Peggy's main instrument is the keyboard; she really wallops on the bodhran, as well, not to mention her AMAZING SUPER HUMAN BEER FOUNTAIN!!!  She has been involved in music since she was a young child, and has been performing professionally for over 30 years.  Paulie and Peggy's stage banter together is often said to be one of the most entertaining parts of the show. They often utilize technology to fill out their sound, frequently using backing guitar tracks featuring their semi-retired guitarist, and nephew, Richie Reece.

Occasionally, their nephew Richie still joins them onstage for certain fesitvals and for rare shows at the family's four pubs (The Hooley House.) When Richie makes the scene, he adds his solid vocals and strong rhythm guitar style to the mix. You might even see him (or these days, more likely his daughter Emeline) stepdancing!  The apple didn't fall far there, we are happy to say. As a beginner, she started collecting first place ribbons and trophies, right out of the gate. Often, Peggy's father, Dick Goonan (aka The Rooster) joins the band onstage for some great vocal performances and for some funny songs, making FOUR generations of family onstage.

It has been quite a road of evolution for Brigid's Cross since their first festival performance at the Riverfront Irish Festival in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 25 years ago. BC has performed at festivals, concert venues, and pubs all over America. Then in 2002, when Richie joined the band, they began traveling even more, taking their act to Ireland to rave reviews. This resulted in several return appearances in some of Ireland's finest music rooms, and also 2 appearances at the Brian Boru Festival in Killaloe, CO Clare, IRE. On either side of the "pond," audiences have come to expect a high-energy performance and are given it without fail. Since the Hooley House opened their doors in 2010, Brigid's Cross has performed mostly as a duo.

Brigid's Cross spends a lot of time traveling in the summer to great spots on the East Coast, throughout the Midwest, and lots of places in between. They appear at several Irish festivals across the US. as well. When they are not traveling, they are spending time in their hometown of Cleveland, OH, playing fabulous local venues…their family owns 4 restaurant/pubs called The Hooley House, and they often play there when in town. (www.1funpub.com).

In the colder months, Paul and Peggy play a very busy schedule on Florida's Gulf Coast. They perform regularly at The Bridge Tender Inn, in Bradenton Beach, FL… which serves as their base of operations in Florida. BC also plays shows throughout FL performing at numerous clubs and private venues as well, give them a call or email, and get them at your next party or corporate event.

Brigid's Cross also specialize in playing for weddings and other special events…they have the unique ability to play classical music for ceremonies, then right into live their performance shows for receptions, mixed with dj capabilities for even more dancing options! Paulie and Peggy's diverse repertoire, make them absolutely perfect for high school reunions and corporate events. They can literally provide music from any era or genre, making them the perfect entertainment choice for THEMED events.

They have also performed on many cruises over the years, including several appearances on Irish Festival Cruises and Joanie Madden's cruises. BC has hosted their very own extremely successful cruise in 2016 and 2018. In 2019, they cruised with Andy Cooney's Cruise of Irish Stars.

Brigid's Cross is the proud recipient of the Irish Music Association's 2008 award for Top Traditional Group in Festival, Pub and Concert Setting, and they have won numerous other awards for their music throughout the years…  They have also performed on television and radio many times here in the States and in Ireland.

In 2015, they released their 12th and most recent CD, Perpetual Motion.

They have created quite a cult following along the way: friends and fans come to the shows wearing t-shirts with the latest hip tribute to a frothy pint and sporting temporary tattoos of the BC logo. They even have Cross Coozies to keep their drinks cool, and they know all the words to all the songs. Average ages range from 1 to 100. They're global, stretching across the United States to Irish shores, Canada and Mexico, and they all have something in common – their love of Brigid's Cross. All have been indoctrinated into the BC world, providing the audience participation that is such an integral part of a Brigid's Cross show. BC followers meet at shows and festivals and on social media, and they are very friendly, so come on out and join them in their natural habitat, whether that be at a festival, pub, cruise or any other social gathering where BC plays!

To book either Brigid's Cross or a night of DJ/karaoke services with Peggy and Paulie, or a mix of both (especially for weddings!) please e-mail: pauliepeg@gmail.com